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Tea Profile
China Black Tea
Lapsang Souchong
A superior leaf offering smooth crisp character with the remarkable and heady aroma of an oak fire.
 Margaret's Hope (Darjeeling)
A lovely muscatel flavor with a delicious astringency.
Chai Tea
Cochin Masala Chai
Full bodied tea enhances South India masala. The finish has cardamom notes peeking out from lively ginger.
Spicy Herbal Chai
A blend of fresh Indian spices. Delicious as is or with milk and sugar.
Decaffeinated Tea
The cachet of a Darjeeling with hints of muscatel flavor but no caffeine.
Earl Grey
A full flavoury tea with excellent Earl Grey notes from natural oil of bergamot.
English Breakfast
The perfect breakfast tea with good body and full tea flavour notes.
Monk's Blend
The decadent pleasure of a delicious vanilla and grenadine combination.
Peach Apricot
A flavory and tasty combination of mellow peaches with deep full flavored apricots. Makes an absolutely tremendous iced tea!
Raspberry Passion Fruit
Raspberry and passion fruit blend with a lovely sweet character.
Tending astringent with good strawberry flavor.
English Favorites
Buckingham Palace Garden Party
Delicate Earl Grey and Jasmine notes.
Earl Grey
A unbelievable aroma that portends an unbelievable taste. Best Earl Grey ever!
Cream Earl Grey
If you are an Earl Grey lover, you have found a new vice. Flavoury Earl Grey mellowed with a delicious creamy taste.
English Breakfast
A perfect breakfast tea with good body and full tea flavour notes. Enticing with milk!
Irish Breakfast
A stout robust tea. Superb color and very full bodied.
Lady Londonderry
Round cup with good flowery and malty flavor. Hints of strawberry and lemon make this a perfect afternoon tea.
Queen Elizabeth
South India and Ceylon estate tea is superbly combined with malty Assam and Darjeeling. Royally suited for afternoon!
Russian Earl Grey
Thai lemon grass and Spanish orange infuse premium Earl Grey with sultry citrus notes.
Naturally Flavored Black Tea
Apple Spice
Delightfully fresh fruity apple character with delicious cinnamon notes.
Black Forest
Piquant and astringent chocolate flavor with lovely cherry and cream notes.
Caramel Cherry Cheesecake
Sweet creamy caramel flavor notes are nicely accentuated with hints of cherry.
Intoxicating blueberry aroma and sprightly full flavor of the tiny wild blueberry. Great hot and excellent over ice!
Blue Lady
A tasty tropical melange combining passion fruit, grapefruit, orange and grenadine flavor. Simply exquisite as an iced tea!
Sweet, mellow and velvety taste. Delicious with a dash of sugar.
Caramel Cherry Cheesecake
Sweet creamy caramel flavor notes are nicely accentuated with hints of cherry.
Cherry Almond
Deep Cherry flavor with almond notes.
Chocolate Mint
Fresh lively mint chocolate combined with full flavored chocolate tea.
Cranberry Clementine
Fruity and piquant with cranberry, yet sweet and saucy with Moroccan clementine notes. Superb over ice with a dash of sugar!
Memories of fresh ginger root; piquant, spicy and fruity hot. Very refreshing and clean taste to the palate.
Ginger Peach
Spicy ginger character of ginger is mellowed with a sweet character of peaches. Try it iced and become a believer!
Hazelnut Vanilla
A delightful combination. Heady Madagascar Vanilla highlights the exotic Turkish hazelnut extract. Excellent sweet nutty finish with light cream notes.
Jamaican Rum
This is your great start for a hot toddy.
Lemon Spice
Lively and flavorful lemon combined with delicious hints of cinnamon.
Maple Blueberry
A perfect balance of fruity wild blueberry with sweet caramel-like maple tones. A lovely cup of tea.
Monk's Blend
The dramatic combination of vanilla and grenadine ensures a satisfying and most flavorful cup of tea.
Pomegranate Lemon
Succulent astringent character of pomegranate fused with sweet and sour Andalusia lemon.
Pomegranate Vanilla
One-of-a-kind notes of sweetly astringent pomegranate are mellowed with sweet Madagascar vanilla. Incredible!
Passion Fruit
A mellow tropical fruit character with sweet overtones.
Peach Apricot
A flavory and tasty combination of mellow peaches with deep, full flavored apricots. Makes an absolutely tremendous iced Tea!
Pumpkin Spice
Notes of cinnamon and pumpkin abound.
Vanilla Coconut
A perfect blend of vanilla and coconut.
Naturally Flavored Green Tea
Ginger Peach Orange
A perfect combination that gives a smooth delightful character. The perfect green tea!
Long Island Strawberry
Flavory summer sweet strawberry and papaya pieces round out an exceptionally smooth green tea.
Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose
A blend of high quality green tea with sweet cherry and morning rose flavor.  Simply stunning!
Green Tea
Dragon Pearls
Smooth and delicate with some body. Seven pearls in a cup can be used three times consecutively.
Light, golden yellow liquor with a unique toasty rice flavor tending sweet.
Jasmine with Flowers
A surprising body and a captivating floral character.
Shanqhai Lichee Jasmine
Very, very nice. Superb Synergy of jasmine, green tea and luscious lichee fruit. Sweet fruity finish.
Ti Kran Yin (Oolong)
Full bodied tending astringent with a heady bouquet.
Japan Izu Green
Jammy-like smoothness with a very satisfying full cup. 
Organic Jasmine Green
Exquisite floral notes float in synergy with lightly astringent fresh green tea
Naturally Flavored White Tea
Monk's Blend
Smooth with Madagascar Vanilla notes and a touch of grenadine pungency. Sweet pecan-like finish.
Peach Apricot
Muscatel-like notes that are reminiscent of premium 2nd flush Darjeelings with light fruit finish. Simply Superb!
Spritely pomegranate is livened with smooth vanilla.
Flavored Rooibos
Blood Orange
Intense fresh orange character.
Bora Bora Mango
The Full Monty Mango, what delicious fruity highlights.
Bourbon Street Vanilla
Fruity with sweet notes. The vanilla flavoring gives the rooibos a exotic jazzy depth.
Lemon Chiffon
Superb mouth watering lemon notes creates a tasty symphony.
Flavory with a floral and fruity bouquet with lavender notes.
Traditional Drinking Herbs
Need a Boost? Gynostemma lends the sweet profile, ginger gives the bite and Peppermint brings it all to life.
Egyptian Camomile
Very aromatic with a fruity tending floral flavor. Camomile has been used for various ailments ranging from toothache to insomnia.
Mild with a distinctive floral perfume and slight pungency. Lavender is often used by Herbalists for various treatments.
Mild and fruity with slightly pungent sweet pear notes. Rosehip contain iron, calcium plus vitamins A, D, and E.
A pungent cool fresh taste that takes your breath away. Spearmint has been used to release headaches and tension.
Herb and Fruit Tea
Angel Falls Mist
A wildly, exotic strawberry and lemon character. Great hot or iced!
Bella Coola
A predominant orange character with the lovely sweetness of pineapple.
Berry Berry
A full flavored tea with deep berry notes.
Bingo Blueberry
Deep intoxicating berry fruit flavor. Excellent hot or iced!
Blue Lagoon
Refreshingly rich and tangy, this herb and fruit tea is pungent with a bold taste of lime.
Cranberry Orange
Perfect notes of cranberry with refreshing orange flavor.
Lady Hannah's Whole Fruit
A boldly refined taste that is bright with strawberry and blackberry highlights. A great kids' tea.
Strawberry Kiwi
Fruity and full bodied with excellent flavor.
Yummy Berry
Wildberry, currant and fruity tending sweet and tart. A great kids' tea.
Specialty Tea
Angels Dream
Maple sweetness and blackberry pungency with full flavored Assam and a mystery green tea.
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